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Signup: https://bit.ly/OTL-R3E-WTCR-Signup
Roster: https://bit.ly/OTL-R3E-WTCR-Roster

The third league OTL will be hosting in RaceRoom will be with the 2018 WTCR Cars. The league will use various tracks, 5/6 of these will be from the Starter Pack which also contains 1 of the 2018 WTCR cars.

The race format for this league will provide 3x 15 minute races to keep the action as close as possible. Races 2 & 3 each week are reverse of the top 8 from the previous race. For this league we will also be turning damage on for the first time in our RaceRoom leagues.

We can’t wait to see more new drivers racing with us! To do so please join the OTL discord to sign up at https://otlracing.com/discord. The signups are limited to 26 drivers.

NOTE: All new drivers will need to take part in at least one of the practice races before being allowed to compete in the league.


Discord: https://otlracing.com/discord

Date and Times

Date/Time: Fridays. Practice opens at 7:30pm and Qualifying starts at 8:00pm BST.


Car: 2018 WTCR
Setup: Fixed

Race Format

Practice: 30 minutes
Qualifying: 10 minutes
Race One: 15 minutes
Race Two: 15 minutes
Race Three: 15 minutes


Evaluation Race – 4/9/2020
Race 1 – Brands Hatch Indy – 11/9/2020
Race 2 – Zandvoort – 18/9/2020
Race 3 – Laguna Seca- 25/9/2020
Race 4 – Suzuka – 2/10/2020
Race 5 – Hockenheimring National – 9/10/2020
Race 6 – Oschersleben B Course – 16/10/2020

To take part you will need to make sure you have the correct content, 5/6 of the tracks and 1 of the WTCR cars can be bought with the Starter Pack providing an affordable way to take part.

Global Server Settings:

Reverse Start Order Places: Top 8
Max Number of Players: 26
Fuel Usage: Off
Tyre Wear: Normal
Damage: On
Race Finish Duration: 4 minutes
Flag Rules: Visual Only
Cut Rules: Slow-Down
Kick Non Ready Clients Time: Off/Wait Forever
Wrecker Prevention: Off
Mandatory Pitstop: Off
Non Ready Pitlane Start Delay: 3 seconds
Checkers After Time: 2 minutes
Fixed Setup: On
Time of Day Multiplayer: 1x
Max Incident Points: Off

Server Drive Assist Settings

Transmission: Free Choice
ESP: Free Choice
Steer: Free Choice
Brake: Free Choice
Traction Control: Free Choice
Raceline: Free Choice
Autopit: Forced Off