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Round Three of the official OTL XBOX ACC GT3 Championship created yet another nailbiter. The race had it all, battles for the lead, contact, and an unknown winner. What could’ve been better?

“Those up front in the championship are very quick and going to be hard to catch” – UKSimRacer

In a field as stacked as this one, one cannot discount the importance of the starting position. With heroic defenders, and pacey attackers up and down the grid, where you start can be the difference between a race to remember and a race to forget.

Qualifying kicked off with a familiar buzz in the air as the cars left the garage one by one. Cutting off the pit limiters, the session was now fully underway, and the times were coming in fast and furious. A familiar sight, the quartet of Beige, Khaos, JSA, and Weed took to the top of the sheets, stamping their authority on the pace as the session continued. As time dwindled down, further back the midfield battle started to become furious, drivers swapping bests back and forth. Capping the top-10, RednOrange would beat JS and UKSimRacer to the upper echelon, ahead of him lying Syme, Callum, and Shaquil, all of which were locked in their own battle, separated by under two tenths. GoldenTornado would take 6th with a good lap from him, Gotsk finishing 5th, the closest to the upper four at .570 back from pole.

At the knife’s edge of the field, the aforementioned quartet kept its hold on the pace. Finishing fourth, JSA’s smashing performance would be overshadowed by an incredible showing from Weed to get his Bentley to its best starting position in third! Just like last week, the leading pair of Ferrari’s showed their hand in what seems to be their portion of the calendar. This time around, Beige beat Khaos in a thrilling session, the Italian hooking up his potential to take pole by just 0.063 of a second! With the pace so close, and the championship beginning to slip out of the grasp for some drivers, the potential for this race to be a firecracker was palpable. But as the lights went out, and the engines fired, no one could have expected what came next.

Blasting off into T1 – a sharp, right-hand hairpin at the end of a long back straight here at the Hungaroring, the field jockeyed for position in the slipstream of the cars ahead. As quickly as they began, the drivers slammed onto the brakes for the first time as overtaking opportunities presented themselves. With light contacts across the board, but no major accidents, the field continued on in close proximity, no one wanting their opponents to get away. This, however, would not last for long. Running into the complicated T2 complex, there it struck: carnage!

Heated in battle at the front, Callum and GoldenTornado were locked together from the start. Getting by T1 cleanly, Golden saw an opportunity to go for the podium and took it. Going side by side, Callum on the outside, Goldentornado outbroke himself, giving Callum a chance on the cutback. Further ahead, however, GoldenTornado also tagged Gotsk who, getting turned, and with Callum’s new trajectory, ensued a pileup, taking out some of Qualifying’s brightest runners. Wiping out a huge section of the field, a few of the front pack, as well as those further back, escaped clean. UKSimRacer, already on the outside looking to make a move, swooped around the accident, propelling him up the order with a straight shot at the fastest group.

Scrambling away at the start, JSA and Khaos took to creating a gap with some incredible pace early on. With the crash leaving them as some of the only major players for the win, it quickly appeared to be a two-horse race. Trailing Khaos by just under two seconds the entire race, JSA needed a breakthrough to break the deadlock, and as the duo started to come across lap traffic, he got just that. Opting to fight, trying to stay on the lead lap, Khaos was held up massively, offering JSA the chance to close in. Now on the offensive, JSA and his Porsche drove one up the inside, but a hearty defense by Khaos saw him retain the lead. Sensing the opportunity slipping out of his hands, JSA took another stab at him shortly after, this one proving a costly miscalculation. Diving up the inside of the Ferrari, JSA’s Porsche couldn’t slow down in time, colliding with Khaos, and spinning them both around.

Taking out the leaders, it was Beige, who was saving his tyres and fuel, opting for the longer strategy, who was handed the race lead! With damage to both vehicles and a stop to be done anyways, both cars opted to pit, Khaos changing tyres, whereas JSA and Beige waited, opting only to take fuel – setting up a shootout for the last ten minutes. Hot on a charge, Khaos tore down the gap on his fresh tyres, really putting the pressure on JSA to respond. Burning up his bruised rubber, the Porsche was caught in a lose-lose situation between irrecoverable wear and puncture potential as the tyres dropped off their cliff with just a few laps to go. With time running down, and now just one of his opponents standing between him and victory, it would be a race between the stopwatch and the driver at hand. Pushing for all he’s worth, after a pair of frantic hot laps, Khaos could see his fellow Ferrari driver, but as they rounded the final corner, he was forced to admit defeat as Beige and his incredible strategy prevailed once again.

Further back from what was obviously the class of the field, several drivers had notable performances, including UKSimRacer coming home in fourth (from twelfth on the grid), LucazzNLX finishing sixth (from thirteenth on the grid), Syme coming home in seventh, and YearOfDaSnitch taking twelfth (from fourteenth on the grid). Finishing just under a minute ahead of the rest, your podium for this week is Beige on the top step, followed by Khaos and JSA taking second and third (respectively). Further back, UKSimRacer takes fourth, whilst GoldenTornado, LucazzNLX, Syme, Gotsk, Calum, and RednOrange finish out your top ten (respectively). JS 46, YearOfDaSnitch, ZZORB, Weed, Shaquil, ERN D6w25, and Simo finish best of the rest, taking places eleven through nineteen in what was another absorbing round.

There’s a new race each week here at On The Limit Community Racing’s official OTL XBOX ACC GT3 Championship, and each one just gets better and better, so stay tuned for the next round of the championship, this week from Spa-Francorchamps, where undoubtedly, another instant classic is in store.

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