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Written By Joe Le Corre

Silverstone marked the halfway point of the OTL ACC GT3 Championship and the first of two 90 minute races this season. To add to the extended race length, the usual British summertime weather had struck the circuit. A slick track that only got worse as the race wore on was a true test of all involved and only the best would come out with their heads held high.

Andrew Pike

Pike has featured in the majority of these ‘Biggest Winners’ articles, and for good reason. When it came to Silverstone and the tricky, Pike wasn’t expecting to be fighting near the front. However, once all was said and done, Pike had managed to claw his Jaguar up to P6 and was only a few tenths off of P5 as he crossed the line. While other drivers in easier cars were spinning and sliding off the track, Pike kept his head and all 4 of his tyres glued to the sodden tarmac. This display of supreme consistency paying off goes to show that: in GT3 racing, it isn’t what car you have, but how you use it.

Vitor Sousa

Here we have another example of consistency coming good. Throughout the majority of the race, Vitor Sousa was running in P4 and just wasn’t able to keep tabs on the podium positions. In the dying stages of the race, Sousa’s consistency was paying dividends. With championship leader Killian Ryan-Meenan running in P3, you wouldn’t expect Sousa to be able to get the position off of him. Sousa bided his time and waited for a mistake from Killian. The saying “good things come to those who wait”, clearly applied to Vitor in this race, as Killian lost the rear on a curb on the exit of Brooklands and took himself of the final podium position. Sousa was there, ready and waiting to capitalise on the championship leader’s mistake. Killian’s loss was Sousa’s gain. Vitor played the race superbly and in the end, he reaped the reward of his consistency.

Kieran Sharp

Kieran’s race win wasn’t just your usual dominant win. No, calling it that would be an understatement. His win was an decimation of the entirety of the competition. By the time the chequered was waved, Sharp had racked up a 50 second lead over the next best car. This lead could have been even bigger if it wasn’t for a slightly dodgy pit stop from Sharp, but I’m sure Sharp won’t be losing sleep over that error. After taking a race out last round, Sharp came back with a bang this time out.

Loïc Martin & Bas Tolsma

Both Loïc Martin and Bas Tolsma put on stellar races, working their way from last and second to last to P8 and P7 respectively. Overtaking in conditions like the ones faced by the drivers at Silverstone is no mean feat. Both drivers have definitely earned their place among the Biggest Winners for round 4.

Drivers Of The Race

Writer’s Choice

My DOTR for Silverstone has to be Andrew Pike. His Jag shouldn’t be able to compete with the more modern GT3 machinery, but he dragged it up well into the top 10 and nearly bagged himself a P5 in the process. Pike has proved that he is capable of doing incredible things with the Jaguar. Imagine what would happen if he plonked himself into a modern GT3…

Commentator’s Choice

I can’t look past Kieran Sharp for my DOTR this week, he clearly got the car set up superbly and then made the most of it with a faultless drive for the whole 90 minutes in treacherous conditions. Many others span five or six times, some of those still finishing inside the top ten! So to drive that perfectly for the full 90 minutes deserves all he plaudits.