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The Touring Cars are back for a second season on PC at OTL! In what always proves to be a popular class, we’re excited to return to a league that’s always provided close racing on all platforms, but especially in Season One on PC. This season is running with a different format to the first. This time we will be running a 15 minute qualifying and a 45 minute race each night, with a mandatory pit stop and accelerated tyre wear. This then brings in possible different strategies and also requires a different style to make sure your pace can last over the whole race.

Fancy pitting yourself against some of the best? Join our Discord to take part, and sign up for the league with the links below.


Join the OTL Discord: https://otlracing.com/discord
Signup Formhttps://forms.gle/uWYJK2RwyTFpF1Hx6

Game: Project Cars 2
Platform: PC

Dates and Times

League Start: July 19th 2019 – League is 6 weeks long
Date/Time: Fridays at 20:00 BST

Race Format

Qualifying: 15 minutes
Race: 45 minutes

Weather & In Game Date: Varied for each round please check the OTL calendar at the link below for more information.

Click here to view the Calendar


Round 1: Brands Hatch Indy
Round 2: Hockenheim Short
Round 3: Catalunya National
Round 4: COTA National
Round 5: Ruapuna Park GP
Round 6: Sakitto Sprint

Lobby Settings

Realism Settings:

Allow Auto Start Engine – Yes
Force Interior View – No
Force Driving Line Off – No
Force Default Setups – Yes
Force Manual Gears – No
Force Realistic Driving Aids – No
Allow Anti-lock Brakes – Yes
Allow Traction Control – Yes
Allow Stability Control – Yes
Damage Type – Off
Mechanical Failures – Off
Allow Ghosted Vehicles – No
Force Manual Pitstops – Yes
Pit Stop Errors – No
Tyre Wear – Accelerated
Fuel Depletion – Yes
Force Cooldown Lap – No

Rules & Regulations:

Rules & Penalties – On
Track Limit Penalties – On
Allowable Time Penalty – 30
Drive-Through Penalties – On
Pit Exit Penalty – On
Competitive Racing License – On
Min. Competitive License Required – U0

Race Settings:

Custom Date – Varies, see calendar link below
Session Start Time – Varies, see calendar link below
Time Progression – Varies, see calendar link below
Season – (See Track Selection List)
Weather Slots – Varies, see calendar link below
Weather Forecast – Varies, see calendar link below
Weather Progression – Off
Start Type – Standing
Formation Lap – No
Mandatory Pit Stop – Yes

>> Click here to view the Calendar <<

League Details

League coordinator/admin – ScottV400
Driving etiquette – please be sure to read and understand the OTL rules concerning clean driving
Points system – Standard OTL system, found here.
Start procedure – Standing start.

Available cars

2012 BMW 320 TC (TC)
2016 Mercedes A45 SMS-R TCC* (TC)
2016 Opel Astra (TCR) (Motorsport Pack)
2016 Renault Mégane SMS-R TCC* (TC)


As stated in OTL rules and incidents must be reported to the league coordinator within 48 hours of the race finish including video evidence. Then it will be investigated by our incident review panel, with input from all involved parties, and the decision will be communicated to these parties too.

Do not start any public arguments as this may negatively reflect on your case, potentially see you removed from the league, or if it’s deemed severe enough you will be blacklisted from all future leagues.