Rules & Regulations

Race incidents will be heard by the host of that league. The OTL founders – OTL mattx88 (Matt), OTL DAVEALEX4 (Dave) OTL aerosmudge (Dan) and DOA Silty (Mark), will assist and adjudicate where needed. Their decision is always final.

Table of Contents


  1. These rules will apply to all races that take place under “On The Limit Community Racing” unless otherwise specified.
  2. All participants must be in the party chat for the event. While you’re not obliged to talk at any time, you must be able to hear what’s being said in case of issues regarding your connection, conduct or any other problems. If you fail to join the party you will be removed from the event.
  3. All talking during the race is not permitted. Minimal talking during qualifying is permitted but only on the topic of the event. General off-topic conversation isn’t allowed while drivers are on track. To ensure a quiet environment for everyone please mute your microphone. When you’ve finished your race, be mindful that others may still be on track even if you aren’t so please wait until the session has completely finished for all drivers before talking.
  4. If you have confirmed your attendance for the event but can’t make it, you must give at least two hours notice to the event co-ordinator and/or the founders. This allows a reserve driver to be informed and to fill your space.
  5. You must have confirmed your status at least two hours before the start of the event. If you don’t do this you will presumed as not taking part and replaced by a reserve driver if necessary.
  6. Drivers are expected to try their best for the duration of the event. If any driver is suspected of retiring early or leaving the session entirely and cannot prove they did otherwise, they will not be allowed to reserve a spot in future events. They will only be allowed to sign up as a reserve driver until the panel are satisfied they won’t repeat this behaviour. If this occurs during a league event you will be removed from the league and placed as a reserve driver only.



All Xbox events will be posted in the “Looking for group” section of the Xbox club. These will often be referred to as “LFG” posts.

The confirmed drivers on the listed event will be the final line-up, unless any drivers have informed the event co-ordinator with enough notice to replace them. If you are having trouble registering on the LFG post for your event but still intend to race, inform the race host and they will invite you in manually when they gather the party.

If you don’t confirm your attendance in the method outlined above, or don’t inform the host otherwise, then you will miss the event.


  1. The lobby will be setup 15 minutes before the event start time. You must be in the lobby before the event start time, anyone arriving after the start time won’t be invited in. This is to avoid lag caused by people joining the lobby.
  2. If you have connection issues before the race, inform the lobby host who will give you time to reset your router if there is still enough time before the event start time. If there is not enough time you will have to miss the event. If after re-joining you are disconnected again you will not be re-invited and you will have to miss the event.
  3. You must set your online status as “Appearing Online”. Appearing offline may mean you aren’t invited to the race lobby and thus miss the cut-off time. No allowances will be given if this is the case and a replacement may be found for you.


  1. If your car is spotted lagging/glitching on track then you’ll be asked to leave the session, and you have option to reset your router and rejoin. If however this doesn’t solve the problem you’ll be asked to leave and unfortunately miss the event. This applies to all drivers and will be enforced strictly to ensure the integrity of all races.
  2. If a bump pass occurs, whereby the car behind creates contact with the car in front and benefits from it, the car that was initially behind must give the place back so that they have gained no benefit from the incident. This requires them to lose places on track if necessary to rejoin behind the car they hit initially.
  3. If you leave the track for any reason, you must make sure you can re-enter the track safely and in enough space to not interfere with other drivers in any way. When you rejoin, stay off the racing line until you’re fully up to racing speed. Even if this means you drop to the back of the field, this rule is mandatory and always enforced. Do not rejoin straight away if this takes you into the path of other drivers. Resetting your car is strictly prohibited.
  4. One defensive movement per corner allowed, and no movement in the braking zone.
  5. If you are about to be lapped then it is your responsibility to allow the faster car to pass in a manner that doesn’t affect their line or speed. Make your move early if possible so that the faster car can clearly see how to pass you.
  6. The pit lane entrance and exit lines are to be respected at all times. You should use both as if you were racing these tracks in person.
  7. If you damage your vehicle and it is uncontrollable, you must retire from the race unless is it safe to get back to the pits without impeding any other drivers.

Car changes

You are allowed one car change during the season. You may change your car at any time before the start of the first event (before qualifying starts). Car changes may only occur after the third race in a full season (a full season being a league of 8 races or more), or after the second race in a mini league (a mini league being a season of 5 races or fewer). No points penalties will be given for changing car.

A car change request must be sent to the league admin with your reason for wanting to change. If the league admin deems your reason satisfactory then you will be allowed to pick a new car. If however the league admin does not see your reason as adequate then your request will be refused.

Rolling start procedure

When the light goes to green, the pole sitter has up to 10 seconds to pull away at a controlled speed from the grid, followed in order by the rest of the cars in grid order. The cars will then proceed around the formation lap in single-file with absolutely no overtaking unless a car experiences problems or spins and instructs the cars behind to go past. If cars do experience problems they should pull off to the side of the circuit. If said cars can solve their problem they should then rejoin the field but form up at the back of the queue of cars. No attempt should be made to try and regain the car’s original grid position.

The pole position driver should lead the field around the formation lap at a speed of between 100-140 km/h (except for corners where slower speeds are required), driving steadily with no aggressive speed increases or decreases. Weaving to warm tyres and slowing to warm brakes is allowed but must be done in a controlled manner. Drivers should allow for this by leaving sufficient space to the car in front.

Prior to the event the following information will be clearly specified for the procedure at that particular circuit:

Formation corner – A specified formation corner will be specified and at this point the field should start to form up side by side in grid order, each driver taking their position on the side of the track they were allocated at the start of the formation lap. From here a 120km/h constant speed should be maintained, both sides of the grid of cars allowing the other side enough space. No more tyre or brake warming is allowed from this point.

Release point – The cars should be in formation by the time the indicated release point is reached. The pole driver can then decide at any point between the release point and the start finish line when he wants to accelerate to racing speed and effectively start the race. No “false getaways” or excessive speeding up/down should take place until the pole driver decides to go. From this point the race is considered as started and normal race rules apply.

Number of formation laps – due to track length it may be deemed necessary to add an additional formation lap to ensure tyres and brakes are warm prior to the race start.

If there are problems with forming up or any other issues to the start procedure these should be discussed in the party chat and 1 additional formation lap can be used as a second attempt if the league organiser agrees.

Reverse grid rolling start

For reverse grid rolling starts, or any other start order as opposed to the order the game sets the drivers out on the grid, when the lights go to green all drivers must remain stationary on the grid, with microphones muted in party chat. The league coordinator will then call out the start order 1 by 1 at approximately 5 second intervals, and upon hearing his/her name each driver should drive down the middle of the track, past any stationary cars and proceed to the designated collection point (see below) in the order they were announced. The “pole” driver will stop at the collection point and then wait until all drivers are lined up in the correct order. Any failure to pull away and line up in the allotted position will result in that driver having to start from the rear of the grid.

Once all drivers are in position, the pole man will then pull away on confirmation from the league coordinator and proceed with the formation lap as detailed for rolling starts. It may be deemed necessary to do another formation lap due to cooling tyres or brakes, this is dependent on track length but will be clearly stated in the details for that round.

Collection point – point at which the cars should proceed to and stop in order to arrange the correct starting order before the formation lap procedure starts.


  1. When not on a hot lap you must ensure you do not affect the hot lap of any other drivers.
  2. Each driver is responsible for ensuring they have enough track space to complete their hot lap. The car in front/ahead always has priority.
  3. Do not race other drivers during qualifying. If you’re found to be doing so you will be penalised.


  1. Points at race completion are awarded as followed from first place down to sixteenth place: 35, 31, 27, 24, 21, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
  2. The driver with fastest lap in the race will be awarded one point.
  3. The driver who finishes in first position in qualifying (pole position) is awarded one point.
  4. A driver who suffers a disconnection will be awarded two points.
  5. Reserve drivers are awarded 50% of the points usually given for their finishing position, and these points are transferred to the driver they replaced.


For all accidents that you wish to appeal, video evidence must be sent to the responsible league host/administrator in a private message. Also, please fill in the incident form to make sure your complaint is logged. This will then be reviewed to decide if a penalty is to be applied.

You have two days from the race finish to report any incidents with all supporting evidence. Any incident reported outside this timeframe will not be investigated. If you don’t send evidence or don’t fill in the form then nothing will be done. We won’t go searching for incidents. We trust that if improper conduct occurs that the relevant parties will report it to admin.


1 position place drop
Used if there is contact between drivers and they finish directly behind each other. This gives us the chance to just switch positions.

3 position place drop
Used similar to the 1 place drop but if the involved drivers don’t finish behind each other the offending driver drops 3 places. If this isn’t possible as the offending driver for instance finishes last a Qualifying ban will be applied for the next race.

Qualifying ban
To be used if a driver is guilty of blocking in qualifying or trying to overtake another car on a fast lap during qualifying.

Race ban/DSQ from race results
For repeat offences of any above points, admin will impose a race ban or DSQ from the race results. Being offensive in party or Discord also will be taken into account.

League ban
Repeatedly offending or repeatedly offensive in party/Discord.

Where the OTL founders deem a penalty necessary they reserve the right to choose whatever punishment they deem fit, taking into consideration the specific incident and the previous records of the parties involved.


If a mass disconnection (as defined below) occurs during a race and the leader has completed 50% of the total race distance, the standings at the end of the last completed lap shall stand as the final result. Determining if these criteria are met will be the sole responsibility of the event co-ordinator, this will usually be one of the founders. Their discretion is allowed and their decision final.


A mass disconnection is classed as any of the following: