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Signup: https://bit.ly/OTL-R3E-DTM-Signup
Roster: https://bit.ly/otl-dtm-roster-s1

On The Limit Community Racing is pleased to announce our first RaceRoom league, with the high-tech touring cars of the DTM 2016 class. We will be racing these amazing cars at European Tracks such as Nürburgring, Norisring and Sachsenring.

The race format for this league will provide some intense racing with the first race being fairly short then followed by a slightly longer all-reversed grid for the second race.

We can’t wait to see new people racing with us, to take part please join the OTL discord to sign up at https://otlracing.com/discord. The signups are limited to 26 drivers.


Join the OTL Discord: https://otlracing.com/discord

Date and Times

League start: Friday 24th April 2020 – Lasts for 6 weeks
Date/Time: Fridays. Practice opens at 7:30pm and Qualifying starts at 8:10pm UK Time


Car: Audi RS 5 (£3.20), BMW M4 (£3.20), Mercedes-AMG C 63 (£3.65). The DTM 2016 pack costs £6.13.
Setup: Fixed

Race Format

Practice: 40 minutes
Qualifying: 10 minutes
Race 1: 15 minutes
Race 2 Reversed: 25 minutes


Practice Race 1 – Raceroom Raceway | Bridge (Free) – 3/4/2020
Practice Race 2 – Portimao Circuit | National (Free) – 10/4/2020
Race 1 – Nürburgring | Sprint Fast Chicane (£4.57) – 24/4/2020
Race 2 – Sachsenring | Grand Prix (£2.74)- 1/5/2020
Race 3 – Norisring | Grand Prix (£2.74) – 8/5/2020
Race 4 – Eurospeedway Lausitz | DTM Short Course (£2.74) – 15/5/2020
Race 5 – Salzburgring | Grand Prix (£2.74) – 22/5/2020
Race 6 – Circuit Zandvoort | Grand Prix (£3.65) – 29/5/2020

The total cost of the tracks separately is £19.18, however for £1.88 more you can get the European Track Pack for £21.06, which includes 13 more tracks that we can use in the future.

Global server settings

Reverse Start Order Places: Off
Max Number of Players: 26
Fuel Usage: Off
Tyre Wear: Normal
Damage: Off
Race Finish Duration: 4 minutes
Flag Rules: Complete
Cut Rules: Slow-Down
Kick Non Ready Clients Time: Off/Wait Forever
Wrecker Prevention: Off
Mandatory Pitstop: Off
Non Ready Pitlane Start Delay: 3 seconds
Checkers After Time: 2 minutes
Fixed Setup: On
Time of Day Multiplayer: 1x
Max Incident Points: Off

Server Drive Assist Settings

Transmission: Free Choice
ESP: Free Choice
Steer: Free Choice
Brake: Free Choice
Traction Control: Free Choice
Raceline: Free Choice
Autopit: Forced Off