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View this race as it happened here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJ4GVX3g7Zk, and see the latest standings here: http://otlracing.com/f12018-season-one/


The Singapore GP is arguably the toughest race on the F1 calendar, with limited run-off areas, close barriers and high tyre wear all key factors that drivers need to think about. The race consists of 31 laps and has a race length of 308.706 km, with a lap containing a total of 21 corners and approximately 1600 custom made flood lights spread around the 5.075km circuit. Since 2008 only four drivers have shared victory, those being: Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso and Rosberg.


Qualifying saw a mixture of different strategies being tried out, with the HS, US and S compound tyres all being used for the first time. Reece360 hd 2 took pole for the second race in a row on the slower US compound tyre with a lap time of a 1.35.515, only 0.049 sec faster than Dazfell who was also on the slower US tyre. Behind them was Midzy15 on the faster HS compound 0.708 seconds slower than the pole time. OTL DAVEALEX4 put in a strong lap too to secure 4th place on the grid, also on the HS, his best qualifying position in F1 to date. Quilkor and Muellcomic92336 secured 5th and 6th with AVERAGE SHARPIE lining up in 7th on the US tyre. JamieOC2004 was 8th on the S compound, far out of his normal starting position due to connection issues. MrFish1986 and OTL Legger lined up 9th and 10th on the US compound, Ezzie1972 started 11th on the HS with Cky004 making his debut this season in 12th. GRIM REAPER AJM rounded out the grid, unfortunately not setting a time after retiring early in the session.

“I could have gone faster, but I didn’t have enough time to start my final run so I ended up retiring the car. Nevertheless it was a good lap”

Reece360 hd 2

Having the feeling that faster times could have been achieved were sentiments shared by many.


The lights went out and Dazfell got a good start and went down the inside of Reece, Reece tried to hold it round the outside but ran out of track. They were still side by side coming onto the straight with Reece just managing to get ahead and went defensive into turn 1. Davealex managed to get ahead of Midzy but that didn’t last long as Midzy took 3rd place back at the end of the straight. Grim Reaper out-broke himself and wiped out Jamie and Average Sharpie, with Sharpie being forced to retire immediately due to terminal damage. Davealex hit the barrier on lap 2 causing a lot of damage to his front wing, losing 3 positions in the process and forcing him to pit on lap 3 along with Legger. That left Reece leading with Dazfell, Midzy, Quilkor, Muellcomic, MrFish1986, Ezzie, Cky004, Davealex, Legger, Jamie and Grim following close behind.

Reece and Dazfell built themselves a gap from the HS runners fairly quickly, with 3rd place 5 seconds behind on lap 4. Midzy pitted on lap 5 after being heavily affected by tyre wear and swiftly switched to the US compound. Midzy made it back to 3rd on lap 6, now 30 seconds behind the leaders. Davealex spun on lap 7 on heavily degraded US’s forcing him into a second pitstop very early on. Reece had built a 2 second gap by this point but also started sliding uncontrollably on lap 9 and lost all his advantage and decided to make his pitstop, changing onto the S compound, giving the race lead to Dazfell who decided to stay out. Dazfell decided to stay out for another 2 laps, ultimately losing a lot of time to reece and eventually came back onto the track 7 seconds behind the leader.

Cky004 unfortunately retired on lap 11 in his first f1 2018 race, leaving his Ferrari team with no points. Midzy pitted again on lap 12 to exchange his US for S compound tyres and coming out in 5th place. On lap 17 Midzy lost the backend and terminally damaged his car ending his race early. At this point Reece started to extend his gap to Dazfell gradually for the rest of the race. Jamie made his last stop on lap 27 to put the HS compound on but ended up speeding into the pit-lane and getting a 5 second stop-go penalty. Reece built up a 30 second gap to Dazfell not including penalties, so decided to pit on lap 30 to try and get the fastest lap and extra bonus point. Dazfell decided to do the same but unfortunately hit the pit barrier on the way in so he needed to change his front wing.

It was a shootout for the fastest lap, Reece went fastest with a 1.35.814 which was only two tenths slower than his qualifying lap and went across the line to win the second race of the season, Dazfell ran wide and hit the barrier ruining his chance of the fastest lap but still came home second. In 3rd place was Quilkor with Muellcomic 4th, a good result for Force India. In 5th was Jamie after being shunted on the first lap with Davealex in a disappointing 6th. Legger lined up 7th with MrFish1986 behind him and then Ezzie rounding off the finishers. Retirements were Midzy, Grim Reaper, Cky004 and Average Sharpie.

Final Positions:

1st Reece360 hd 2
2nd Dazfell
3rd Quilkor
4th Muellcomic92336
5th JamieOC2004
7th OTL Legger
8th MrFish1986
9th Ezzie1972
DNF Midzy
DNF Cky004
DNS AshManDjango


“I love this track, but if you told me I would come away with the maximum points after getting pole, the win and fastest lap I would have laughed in your face. I knew Dazfell was particularly strong here and I knew I would have to try hard to beat him. I made a mistake in the practice race we had which ultimately lead me to retire. I learned from that mistake as all the best drivers do, and I came back fighting. I am thirsty for more poles and wins than ever before, and I love the German GP so it should be fun, but we’ll see”

Reece360 hd 2

“I wasn’t too fused about qualifying as I was doing a longer first stint which didn’t go to plan as I was battling with dave on lap 6/7, and as I got past him in the second DRS zone around the outside I put it in the wall defending into the next corner. I had to pit for a new front wing and had a battle with MrFish until he made a mistake and then I just managed the gap between me and him until the end of the race. I’m hoping for a better result in Germany as I like that track more and maybe a bit of weather change to mess up the grid a bit. I feel I’ll come 6/7 place but I’m hoping to be higher”

OTL Legger

“Well qualifying was one shot on the one set of Ultra softs to minimise wear and to put me on a good tyre strategy for the race. I qualified 7th which was good considering Dave and Midzy qualified on the HS further up the grid. My race ended far too soon, barely making it to T1 considering a good start off the line but I got swiped into the barriers. I feel that I could have ended on the podium as Singapore is a good track for me on pace. Looking ahead I need some good points for the championship in Germany also being a good track for pace. Considering his form I feel Reece will get pole and the win if no incident occurs. Top 5 would be a good result or even just finishing considering hardly getting race time in Singapore”


“My qualifying pace wasn’t the best, but the race felt much better. The hypersoft stint was way shorter in the beginning because the tyres started to wear very quickly, on lap 4 it felt more like formula drift rather than F1. But I fought back and came home 4th. Very important points for the constructors standings as well. Next up is Germany, my home track and one of my general favourite tracks. The season has been dominated by Reece so far and if his pace doesn’t drop, I don’t see anyone catching him. Hoping for a Force India victory nevertheless”