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For this event we´ve worked out something special for you! Two teams will fight against each other: Team Legends vs. Team Evolution! On the one side you have legendary cars with lots of power but tricky handling and on the other the modern cars, easier to drive but slower on the straights. But all in all these cars are able to do nearly the exact same lap time on each of the tracks!

So get ready to pick your Team! To do so please join the OTL discord to sign up at https://otlracing.com/discord.



Tracks: Nordschleife 24 hour, Macau, Daytona
Team Legend Cars: GT1 car, Daytona Prototype (lmp2), DTM 1992 car
Team Evolution Cars: Porsche GTE, DTM 2020 car, WTCR 18/19 car


Battle 1. GT1 vs. GTE

Track: Nordschleife 24 hours
Free Practice: 30 min
Race: 20 min

Battle 2. DTM 1992 vs. WTCR 2018/19

Track: Macau
Free Practice: 10 min
Race: 20 min

Battle 3. Daytona Pt vs. DTM 2020

Track: Daytona Road course
Free Practice: 10 min
Race: 20 min

Starting Grid

There will be no qualifying! Every race will have a random starting grid. Only order that’s defined is that there will always be opponents starting next to each other (we hope!)
Race 1 and 3: Team Legends get the odd starting numbers! Starting in P1, P3, P5….
Race 2: Team Evolution get the odd starting numbers! Starting in P1, P3, P5….

Points System

For every position you gain 1 point. Means last place earns 1 point, 2nd to last gets 2 and so on… At the end of the event the points of each of the two teams get added up and then we find out which team won!

Example: 28 drivers on track
P1 – 28 points
P2 – 27 points
P3 – 26 points …
P28 – 1 point


This is meant to be a 100% fun-event! So please behave well. Drivers are requested to wait if they cause a collision.
It doesn’t matter if you fall behind as one position lost means only 1 point lost.
As it is just about having good battles and a lot of fun, don’t care about the points too much!