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Even after two years, we still have new drivers to Project Cars 2 and many are using a controller, especially on console.

While some get on okay with the default settings, most struggle. As I pretty much only race on controller, I have custom settings that are always met with a great reaction. So if you’re looking for better controller/pad settings for Project Cars2, why not give mine a go!

Controller settings (as used on Xbox One & PC)

Steering deadzone: 0
Steering sensitivity: 45
Throttle deadzone: 0
Throttle sensitivity: 40
Brake deadzone: 0
Brake sensitivity: 40
Clutch deadzone 10
Clutch sensitivity: 25
Speed sensitivity: 95
Controller damping: 75
Controller vibration: 85
Minimum Shift Time: 0
RPM/Gear Display: Yes

If you give them a try, let me know how you find them! If you’re not in the OTL Discord already, feel free to join at https://otlracing.com/discord and get involved!