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For the second round of the OTL PS4 r/simrally league the drivers visited the extremely fast Baumholder venue in Germany. Feared for it’s straights, where speeds of over 200 km/h are reached followed by very tight 90 degree corners, and the stones at the inside and outside of the corners, which managed to catch quite a lot of drivers out in this rally.

Just like during the first round, macerronnie managed to get the win with a 40 second margin to second. He drove an almost flawless rally with only a small crash followed by some other mistakes in stage 3. In the end macerronnie was the fastest during every stage. View his onboard of the whole rally here:

The battle for second was very close. With Rek_Les, dghj087654 and khandi905 trading places during the entirety of the rally. With khandi905 being the fastest of the three in the first stage, a couple of seconds ahead of Rek_Les and dghj087654. In the end some mistakes cost khandi905 a lot of time, eventually dropping him down to 4th. Meanwhile Rek_Les managed to secure second place, by beating dghj087654 in the last stage. This secured him 2nd place by only 0.3 seconds!

RobertocMedeiros and Gerrard8_Uk both had a good battle for 5th place with RobertocMedeiros eventually coming out on top. xMA3Mx, chamyoko and gedazz_uk all had a good battle for places 7th to 9th. With eventually xMA3Mx having the upper hand thanks to being more consistent. In 10th place was GIARCIA23, who sadly already lost a lot of time in stage one and got plagued by damaged throughout the whole rally.

This weeks rally will be around the much feared Finland. It will all be about finding the right balance between going fast over the jumps and the suspension damage caused by it. Finland will most likely see the most damage of the whole season, as it’s jumps combined with ultrafast corners, and trees and big rocks on the outside, always tend to claim a lot of victims.