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The third round of the OTL PS4 r/simrally League was held at the legendary WRC venue of Jämsä, Finland. Feared for it’s very fast corners and jumps, it lived up to its reputation, with almost 50% of the drivers that started the rally not making the finish. There were several good battles for positions up and down the field, with crashes and damage mixing everything up for the whole rally.

The battle at the front was mainly between Rek_Les and macerronnie, a battle that continued until the end. Stage 1 was won by Rek_Les after macerronnie had a minor crash and got stuck between trees. Stage 2 and 3 were both won by macerronnie, which gave him the lead going into the last stage. But Rek_Les’ consistency proved to be the deciding factor, after macerronnie once again had a minor crash, giving Rek_Les his first win of the season!

Behind them there was a great battle for third, with places 3rd all the way down to 10th constantly being traded around. AmbientMike was the fastest in this group for the first two stages, but after a couple of very bad crashes in stage 3 he lost over 40 seconds. The night stage of stage 3 proved to be an eventful one, with a lot of crashes and positions changing. RobertocMeideros and Proulxzy proved to be the big winners in this, both climbing two places up the order. Tacobasket1 even managed to climb from 15th to 11th.

During this khandi905 profited from AmbientMike’s crashes and climbed to P3, the place which he would also keep during stage 4, claiming his second podium of the season. This remained pretty constant during stage 4 for places 3rd to 10th. The only place change was THATSREALLEATHER, who managed to grab 5th place away from RobertocMeideros. It was also very close for P7 between chamyoko and dghj087654. dghj087654 suffered some bad crashes in SS3 and lost a lot of time, which meant he lost the battle for P7 by just 0.3s!

Next weeks rally will be at Monaco, where the weather will be less than ideal, with a lot of snow and fog. Combine this with ice patches and twisty roads, once again it will be a very challenging rally. Make sure to check out https://www.dirtgame.com/uk/leagues/league/42887/simrally-ps4 for the full standings of every rally, and for the signup if you’d like to take part.

As always, if you want to get involved with this league or any other racing within OTL simply join our Discord and get involved! We’re a friendly bunch and help each other out to make sure everyone has the most fun possible. Either click the “Join our Discord” link in the header at the top of the page, or click here to join our Discord straight away!


OTL r/simrally PS4 League - Finland. Top 10 Results