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The first round of the OTL PS4 r/simrally league was held at the legendary WRC venue of Argolis is Greece. The slowest, but one of the trickiest rounds on the calendar because of the rough gravel combined with all the rocks and cliffs on which you can total your car.

Stage 1 saw us in the clear Greek morning sun at the short stage of Pomona Ékrixi. The stage was won by Macerronnie with a margin of over 4 seconds, but further down the pack things were very interesting. OTL’s latest Dirt Rally champion, Khandi905 suffered a pretty bad crash already in the first stage this left him down in 9th place with a 23 second deficit to Macerronnie. Meanwhile the OTL Group B 4WB champion Rek_Les was second, 4 seconds behind Macerronnie. He was followed by TurboCabrio and dghj087654 who were 7.7 and 8.4 seconds behind in 3rd and 4th. Fifth to seventh place were taken by THATSREALLEATHER, nagadj and RobertocMedeiros respectively.

Stage 2 was around the long stage of Tsiristra Théa. This stages was once again won by Macerronnie, this time by 3 seconds. In seconds was Khandi905 who was rose from 9th to 3rd in the standings in just one stages. Rek_les scored a third place in this stage being 12 seconds slower than Macerronnie. There were shakeups all through the field in this second stage, sadly to much to describe. Off the first 10 drivers, 4 had a severe crash, those include nagadj, Gerrard8_UK, TurboCabrio and THATSREALLEATHER. who all lost one or more places in the provisional standings

Stage 3 was once again a long stage, this time Anodou Farmakas. This time the stage was won by dghj087654. He won this stage with only a 0.4 second advantage on Macerronnie Third place went to AmbientMike, who was only 3 seconds behind. Who was very busy with making a comeback after having lost almost half a minute in stage 1 after a terrible crash. After stage 3 he climbed already back to P5. Khandi905 Suffered a crash once again in stage 3 which made him lose another 20 seconds, dropping him from 3rd to 4th. Further down the order things remained pretty constant, except for fingerblasterd, who suffered tho only DNF of the rally, crashing out with terminal damage after rolling of a cliff while in 11th place.

The 4th and last stage was also the stage that was driven in the dark. Stage 4 was won by Khandi905, almost 5 seconds ahead of Macerronnie. Because of his very strong last stage he managed to climb from 4th to 2nd and grab second place by just 0.45 seconds!! The closest ever margin at the end of an OTL Dirt Rally event. Further down the order there were some more shake-ups because of cars that broke down because of damage. We also want to give special credits to vanillaathund3rr, he managed to drive out the really with a severely damaged car and didn’t stop while being 18 minutes behind.

In the end Macerronnies consistency proved to be kind to winning. Winning the rally by almost 40 seconds. In the mean time the battle for 2nd, 3rd and 4th was very close. The battles throughout the field should be even more intense next week when we will visit the ex-WRC venue of Baumholder. The venue is hated by some for being boring with all its 90 degree corners. While some love it for its bumps and fast flowing corners. This rally should be less tricky than Greece, but it can still catch you out pretty badly when you go at over 200kmh. Macerronnie proved to be a tarmac specialist in the past with winning all but one of the previous OTL rally’s at Baumholder. Or can maybe Rek_Les hold him this time, who is also a proved to be very quick on tarmac in the past. Only time will tell as Dirt Rally is unforgiving and the smallest mistakes can total your car