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For the fourth round of the OTL r/simrally League on PS4 we ventured to the famous mountains of Monaco. The rally wasn’t easy, with snow, fog and rain, combined with the ice patches on the roads, which meant that 7 of the 21 starters didn’t make it to the end.

At the front of the field the pace was very close. In the end the consistency of Macerronnie and Khandi905 proved to be the the difference. Khandi905 won stage one, and macerronnie won the last three. Rek_Les and dghj087654 were also very close to the front two on one stage pace, but multiple crashes cost them time and meant they weren’t in contention.

It was also very close for places 5-8, with the positions changing after every stage. Eventually it was nagadj who ended out on top, but behind him it was very close! Rastafab420 grabbed 6th place from RobertocMedeiros by 0.06s!!! They were followed by AmbientMike a couple of seconds behind.

For places 9 and 10 it was also very close, with tacobasket1 grabbing it from THATSREALLEATHER by just one second.

Watch onboard footage of maccerronnie’s rally here:

Round 4 Final Standings

Pos Nat Driver Car Time Gap
1 macerronnie Ford Fiesta RS Rally 17:24.423
2 khandi905 Volkswagen Polo Rally 17:34.673 +00:10.250
3 Rek_Les Ford Fiesta RS Rally 17:55.505 +00:31.082
4 dghj087654 MINI Countryman Rally Edition 18:03.805 +00:39.382
5 nagadj Volkswagen Polo Rally 18:14.821 +00:50.398
6 Rastafab420 MINI Countryman Rally Edition 18:22.954 +00:58.531
7 RobertocMedeiros Volkswagen Polo Rally 18:23.019 +00:58.596
8 AmbientMike Volkswagen Polo Rally 18:30.088 +01:05.665
9 tacobasket1 Hyundai Rally 18:45.137 +01:20.714
10 THATSREALLEATHER MINI Countryman Rally Edition 18:46.186 +01:21.763
11 Proulxzy Ford Fiesta RS Rally 18:50.969 +01:26.546
12 Jakiepoo17 Ford Fiesta RS Rally 19:03.104 +01:38.681
13 mati1408mati1408 Volkswagen Polo Rally 19:08.986 +01:44.563
14 Pinje Volkswagen Polo Rally 20:12.351 +02:47.928

For the second to last round the drivers will visit the low grip, but very fast venue of Värmland, Sweden. With speeds of over 180km/h being reached while driving on snow, it will be an interesting round for sure. The weather will be better than at Monaco, with no rain or snow forecasted.

It is also getting very close for certain championship positions, with a lot of drivers being very close to each other. Macerronnie will grab the title with one round to spare if he manages to win the next round in Sweden. If Rek_Les managed to finish 2nd in Sweden then he’s also guaranteed 2nd place in the championship.

A lot of places are on the line for the second to last round, make sure to join the action.

Current driver standings after round four:

Pos Driver Points
1 macerronnie 93
2 Rek_Les 73
3 khandi905 63
4 dghj087654 43
5 RobertocMedeiros 30
6 AmbientMike 24
8 nagadj 14
9 Gerrard8_UK 11
10 chamyoko 10
11 Rastafab420 8
12 xM3AMIx 6
13 gedazz_uk 2
14 Proulxzy 2
15 tacobasket1 2
16 GIAGIA23 1
17 TurboCabrio 1