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OTL are proud to announce that we will now be using The Sim Grid Technology for future Assetto Corsa Competizione series and events starting with Season 8 of our GT3 series.

We would be surprised if you haven’t heard of The Sim Grid already with them being the largest ACC Community out there right now. They host championships such as the Sprint Cup and The Sim Grid & VCO World Cup. The Sim Grid Technology will allow us to host larger championships and events such as running multiple splits to endurance championships and events. The main factor behind OTL using TSG Technology is that our old process of managing championships and signups through google sheets and forms was time-consuming especially since OTL is now at 2000+ members on discord. This would take away our admin resources from running events or championships, but now we can focus on better things and the quality of our ACC events with more time on our hands.

You may also be wondering what directly as a user you will be getting from using TSG Technology. Their website will manage the signups. Instead of painfully asking and waiting for an admin to change any signup details, you can now manage signup details by yourself such as car choice and race numbers. You can also notify us if you can’t attend a race by withdrawing before the race starts. Now for our favourite feature that we think you will like is that for endurance team events you can create a team where you will have full control of the driver line-up.

Some of you were aware that we were testing Simracing.gp for our ACC events however we believe the platform would give us limitations for the type and scale of the events we have planned going forward. This isn’t to say that Simracing.gp is a bad platform as we believe it’s suitable for other games that we run championships on such as RaceRoom Racing Experience.

We hope this news excites you for what is to come at OTL and our ACC events. Our first championships on the platform will be Season 8 of the GT3 Series and a British GT Team Series so keep a close eye on our website and discord for their announcements.