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After last years event and fun, we are back hosting a night on Assetto Corsa (PC) at Goodwood Festival of Speed with the classic Hillclimb track! You’ll see GT cars, classic Formula 1 cars, and some weird and wonderful motors in between.

It’ll all be streamed on https://www.twitch.tv/otl_racing so join us on Friday May 28th at 8pm BST/ 7pm UTC for a night of chilling out and watching some great cars take on the challenge!

Note: No paid DLC is to be used for this event. Only the base in-game content and free mods are allowed.


Roster: http://bit.ly/otl-goodwood-21-roster
Signup: http://bit.ly/otl-goodwood-21-signup

Limited to 14 signups (may increase pending interest)


Date/Time: Friday 28th May 2021/ 20:00 BST/ 19:00 UTC
Game: Assetto Corsa
Platform – PC


There will be a schedule with the order of the drivers for when they can do their run.

Each driver has two attempts with each one of their car choices to make a timed lap. The first timed clean lap will be taken.

When called up for your run the driver is to stop just before the start line. Once stopped they can go when they want to start their timed lap. If you crash in one of your attempts you can return to the pits and try again but you only have one more attempt. If you run out of attempts that is your attempt done with that car choice.

Once upon finishing your attempt whether upon maxing out on attempts or getting in a clean timed lap you can rejoin in your next car choice ready for your next scheduled attempt.

While drivers are waiting they can watch the stream to see other cars attempt the Hillclimb.


Drivers have the option to run up to two cars (maybe three depending on signups) for this event. We will allow all base game content or you can use any free mod. If the mod isn’t of great quality or not suitable you will be asked to change the car.

A few days before the event we will post all the required links to download the content. It is necessary to have all content installed to join the server.

The track can be downloaded here – https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/goodwood-festival-of-speed-2017.26839/

Server Settings


Time of day: 14:00
Weather: Clear
Ambient temp: 22°C
Track surface: 28°C


Autoclutch: On
Traction control: Factory
ABS: Factory
Stability: Off
Tyre blankets: On


Fuel rate: 100%
Damage rate: 0%
Tyre wear rate: 100%
Allowed tyres out: 3