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After the success of the OTL 2010’s dirt rally league, it will now have a follow up league. In the fastest cars on dirt rally the skills of each driver will be tested to the maximum. With the setups now also open the cars will be able to go even faster. The drivers will take their cars to the maximum around all 6 Dirt rally locations, which includes legendary WRC locations like Monaco, Germany and Wales. This promises to be the fastest OTL dirt rally league ever, feel up to the challenge? Then signup using the link below!


Signup link: https://www.dirtgame.com/uk/leagues/league/42887/simrally-ps4
Game: Dirt Rally
Platform: Playstation 4
Significant dates: League start: 24-12-2018

Rally Format:

Every event runs from Monday morning until Sunday midnight (CET). Each event consists of 2 short stages and 2 long stages, which should take about 20-30 minutes to complete.

At the beginning of each event there is a possibility to set your car up, after the first 2 stages you can tweak it if you want to. After the first 2 stages there is also a possibility to repair the damage on your car.

League Details:
League admin: Macerronnie (gamertag) – Discord username is Testosteronnie
Points System: Official FIA Rally points system
Driving Etiquette: Keeping it on the track is usually faster.

Allowed assists:
All assists are open and you can configure them which ever way you want, but keep in mind that running without them is usually faster.

Available cars:
Ford Fiësta RS Rally
Mini Countryman Rally Edition
Hyundai Rally
Volkswagen Polo Rally

Livery Selection:
Liveries are completely open

If you crash, repair it yourself… 🤣