At least one driver from each team MUST attend the briefing voice channel and all cars must stay in the pits during briefing. This is to remind and discuss important information and for any questions to be asked before we move onto the event.

After Briefing the race server will go live and driver one (if available) or your qualifying driver must connect first. Drivers can then go to their own chats.


Practice 1 – 19:30 UTC (30 minutes): This session is used for teams to join the server and warmup before advancing to qualifying. 

Driver Briefing – 19:50 UTC (10 minutes) 

Qualifying – 20:00 UTC (30 minutes): All teams can qualify in this session. All teams MUST stay in this session until next practice session. All the drivers in the team can try and put a time in using the driver swap command or changing in a pitstop.

If you are unable to attend qualifying please withdraw on the SimGrid website, and we will put to the back of the grid based on date of registration. If your team fails to attend qualifying without withdrawing, you will be removed from the event.


The usual OTL Rules apply for this event however there are some important ones that need to be noted for this event:


Drivers can swap in qualifying. To do so the active driver can type in a command in the game chat while in the pit box before pressing “DRIVE”. The command is “&swap x”, x being the number of the position of the driver in the driver roster. There is a small risk of bugging out your team connection in using this command so use this at your own risk.

You can also use a pitstop to change a driver but this takes more time. You can do this by selecting the desired driver in the MFD Pit Strategy Screen.


It would be a good idea to check the roster of your team to make sure all your team information is correct to make sure you don’t have any issues connecting to the server come qualifying. The deadline for confirming your qualifying line-up is Thursday 9th December 2021 – 23:59 UTC.