OTL – ACC Endurance Qualifying Procedure

Briefing & Start Time

Briefing starts at 1:30 pm BST on Sunday 28th. At least one driver from each team MUST attend the briefing voice channel promptly at 1:30 pm BST. This is to remind and discuss important information and for any questions to be asked before we move onto qualifying.

After Briefing the qualifying session should start at 1:40pm BST. Drivers can then go and use their private team chats that we have created or you can use your own.


The weather for qualifying and the race will be determined by the real-life weather at the track on both weekends. The conditions will be announced on the day. This is what we will use to watch the weather https://www.myweather2.com/Motor-Racing/United-Kingdom/Silverstone-Circuit.aspx

The server will also have some randomness to the weather to allow for various conditions.


In Game Time: 2:00pm

Practice 1 (30 minutes): This session is used for teams to join the server before skipping to the Qualifying Session 1.

Qualifying 1 (30 minutes): All teams can qualify in this session. All teams MUST stay in this session until next practice session. All the drivers in the team can try and put a time in using the driver swap command or changing in a pitstop.

Practice 2 (15 minutes): All teams below Top 10 MUST leave the server here to reduce server lag spikes with multiple connections leaving to prepare for Top 10 Super Pole. The Top 10 teams from Qualifying 1 MUST stay in the server.

Qualifying 2 Super Pole (15 minutes): Only the Top 10 teams are to take part in this session. This an open qualifying session to the end for the starting 10 positions for the race. All the drivers in the team can try and put a time in using the driver swap command or changing in a pitstop.

Driver Swap Procedure

Drivers can swap in qualifying. To do so you can type in the command in the game chat while in the pit box after pressing “DRIVE”. The command is “&swap x”, x being the number of the position of the driver in the driver roster which can be seen here https://bit.ly/OTL-ACC-Silverstone-4hr-Roster.

You can also use a pitstop to change a driver but this takes more time. You can do this by selecting the desired driver in the MFD Pit Strategy Screen.

Track Etiquette

The usual OTL Rules apply for this event however there are some important ones that need to be noted for this event.

Drivers are expected to be careful on pit exit and pit entry to avoid fast approaching cars. They can do this by staying on the same side of the track on entry or exit.

There will be many cars on track at the same time so it is important for everyone to obey Blue Flags correctly when on outlaps and cooldown laps. Drivers are expected to be prepared to move off the racing line and safely let faster cars by.

If Drivers are both on timed laps they are not to race. There is plenty of time during the session to get a timed lap in and everyone else is under the same situation so it may be better to back off and go again.


It would be a good idea to check the roster to make sure all your team information is correct to make sure you don’t have any issues connecting to the server – https://bit.ly/OTL-ACC-Silverstone-4hr-Roster

Teams wishing to change their driver lineup, car choice and livery must notify the event admin (AVERAGE SHARPIE) up to two days before Qualifying.