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Signup & Roster: https://beta.simracing.gp/events/9Gjhj8fmMD1EIhXb4keSy
Discord: https://otlracing.co.uk/discord

It’s about time we test and run our first event on the new simracing.gp platform. We are hoping to run our first championship on the new platform very soon but before we do feel free to join us to test it with some BMW GT4 action this Thursday 3rd June.

We hope to use the BMW GT4 in a single make cup championship if the test is successful. A single make series should make it fair for everyone especially as the car has very few setup adjustability.

We can’t wait to see new drivers and many regulars racing with us. To take part please sign up by creating an account on the simracing.gp platform, and join the OTL Discord server at https://otlracing.com/discord. The signups are limited to 40 Drivers.


Date and Times

Date: Thursday 3rd June 2021
Driver Briefing: 8:00pm BST (10 minutes)
Practice Start: 7:00pm BST
Qualifying Start: 8:10pm BST
Race Start: 8:20pm BST

Please note: It is important to attend driver briefing.


Car: BMW M4 GT4
Track: Zolder 2020

Practice 1: 60 minutes (Friday, 12:00)
Qualifying 1: 10 minutes (Saturday, 12:00)
Race 1: 15 minutes (Saturday, 13:00)
Practice 2: 5 minutes (Sunday, 11:00)
Qualifying 2: 10 minutes (Sunday, 12:00)
Race 2: 30 minutes (Sunday, 13:00)


Pre-race waiting time: 2.5 mins
Formation lap: Short (Position Control & UI)
Auto DQ: Off

Event Rules

Qualifying Standing Type: Fastest Lap
Mandatory Pitstop: No
Refuelling Allowed: Yes
Mandatory Refuelling: No
Mandatory Tyre Change: No

Assist Rules

Max Stability Control: 25%
Autosteer: Disabled
Auto Lights: Allowed
Auto Wiper: Allowed
Auto Engine Start: Allowed
Auto Pit Limiter: Allowed
Auto Gears: Allowed
Auto Clutch: Allowed
Ideal Line: Allowed