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Signup: https://www.thesimgrid.com/championships/641
Discord: https://otlracing.com/discord

It’s been a long period since hosting our last endurance race but we are back with the OTL 6hrs of Barcelona.

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya provides many overtaking spots and creates good racing as a result so this is the perfect track for us host an endurance event on.

We hope to see new people racing with us, as well as many regulars. To get involved please join the OTL discord at https://otlracing.com/discord.


The event is limited to 45 teams. Teams have to consist of at least two drivers and can have a maximum amount of three drivers. Only one driver of the team has to qualify the car but all team members have to be present for the race.

Car choices and driver line-ups have to be confirmed by 10th December 00:00 UTC.


Qualifying (30m) – Friday 10th December 2021:
Practice – 19:30 UTC
Driver Briefing – 19:50 UTC
Qualifying – 20:00 UTC

Race (360m) – Saturday 11th December 2021:
Driver Briefing – 12:20 UTC
Practice – 12:30 UTC
Race – 13:00 UTC


There will be live stewarding throughout the race. Drivers will be able to report incidents and race control will give suitable penalties. First lap incidents will be dealt with more harshly.


Please make sure to read our OTL rules as well as the event specific rules below. The OTL rules can be found here https://otlracing.com/rules/.


Mandatory Pitstop: No
Refuelling Allowed: Yes
Mandatory Refuelling: Yes
Fixed Refuelling Time: No
Mandatory Tyre Change: No
Pit Window: None
Max Drivers: 3
Max Drive Time: 180 minutes (3 Driver Team)/ 270 minutes (2 Driver Team)
Stint Timer: 65 minutes


We will be using the default 2020 BoP this season with no adjustments.