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If the below interests you, you can join our Discord (https://discordapp.com/invite/Mt4ugRY) to show your interest, get involved in discussions about what we’ll do next and much more besides. Tomorrow (April 18th 2018) is the start of the AC Challenge on Assetto Corsa for the Xbox One! Your host with the most for these evenings is none other than Brad aka RSR98GT. Here is his post:

The plan is to have an easy nights racing with some good competition and a lot of fun! These will take place on a Wednesday night (yeah you guessed it!) and start at the usual time of 8pm GMT. Party starts 15 minutes before.

So how does it work?

The plan is to have a short and sweet 15 minutes qualifying and then go into one race that’ll be 20 or 25 minutes long depending on car/track and what time we get going. There will be a 90 second countdown to get onto the grid after qualifying.

Track and car selection will be different weekly and chosen by the winner of the previous weeks race. If that same driver is to win 2 or more weeks in a row then track and car choice will be taken from the next finisher who has not chosen the combo in the last 4 weeks (so if you win and choose the track for week 3 for example, you cannot choose another track or car combo until week 7 or later).

Regarding driver selection/registration, this series will be run simply on a first come first served basis. It’s a casual night so there’s no points on offer, just bragging rights. There will be an LFG (Looking for Group) on the Xbox Club so we can keep track of entries every week but there will be no rush for entries nor will I be expecting everyone to turn up every week.

Everything here in terms of timing, format, track and car selection system etc. is subject to change. The entire ‘project’ is on going and will be changed to improve weekly.

Onto week 1 then!

So for the first meeting, I’ll be choosing the car and track. I will keep it for now with no DLC cars or tracks so it gives anyone who hasn’t bought them a chance to decide if the want to in the future. With all of that out the way here is the details for Week 1:

Car: Abarth 500 Assetto Corse
Track: Brands Hatch Indy Circuit
Conditions: Clear
In game time: 10:00
Track Surface: Optimal
Damage: Off
Tyre Wear: Off
Fuel Depletion: Off
Assists: TC/ABS Factory, SC and other Off

If you are going to race sign up on the LFG as soon as you can to avoid disappointment if it was to fill before the day. If there is still spaces on the day again anyone is welcome to take part, just let me know by 7pm GMT latest that you are coming along.

In the event of an incident between drivers, it will be discussed and looked at as this still being taken seriously. But it is also a casual night so don’t expect to get someone you don’t like banned cos they blocked the inside line into paddock hill on lap 1 😆

We just want some easy access to proper clean, proper fun, proper racing. Hopefully this will provide!

I think that’s everything? If we’ve missed something give us a shout in the Discord and we’ll add it to this post with an update at the top.

Happy Driving! 😀