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Signup: http://bit.ly/otl-acc-6hrs-monza-signup(Signups close on the 24th October)
Roster: http://bit.ly/otl-acc-6hrs-monza-roster
Discord: https://otlracing.co.uk/discord

After OTL’s first team event back in July, the 4 Hours of Silverstone, it’s been a bit of a wait, but we’re proud to announce our second team event on ACC, The OTL 6 Hours of Monza! The classic Italian track is a regular on calendars everywhere, but one not often seen in team endurance events, so it should provide many twists and turns with a large grid of GT3’s trying to navigate their way safely through the full six hours.

There is a minimum team requirement of two people per team, and a maximum of three drivers per team.

We can’t wait to see new drivers and many regulars racing with us. To take part please sign up with the links below, and join the OTL Discord server at https://otlracing.com/discord. The signups are limited to 50 Teams


Date and Times

Qualifying: Saturday 31st October 2020 (1:30pm GMT briefing / 1:40pm GMT Qualifying Start)
Race: Saturday 7th November 2020 – (1:30pm GMT briefing / 1:40pm GMT Warmup Start / 2:10pm GMT Race Start)

Please note: Qualifying and the race are on separate weekends


GT3 2019 BoP (50 slots)

Qualifying Format

In-game time: 3:00pm
Q1: 30 minutes GT3 open qualifying – Any team member can qualify
Q2: Superpole: 15 minutes open qualifying – only the top 10 from Q1 participate in the shootout for pole.

Only one driver is needed for qualifying, however you may use more if you wish.

Race Format

In-game time: 3:00pm
Practice: 30 minutes
Race: 6 hours


Ambient Temperature: 21°C
Cloud Level: 20%
Randomness: 2


We will have race control throughout the race. Drivers will be able to report incidents and race control will give suitable penalties. First lap incidents will be dealt with more harshly.


Pre-race waiting time: 5 mins
Formation lap: Full (Position Control & UI)
Auto DQ: Off

Event Rules

Qualifying Standing Type: Fastest Lap
Amount of Drivers Allowed per Team: Minimum of 2 drivers and Max of 3 drivers
Driver Stint Time: 65 minutes
Max Total Driving Time per Driver: 180 minutes (3 Driver Team)/ 270 minutes (2 Driver Team) – (If a driver is unable to drive due to a technical reason you must serve the in game drive through and we will also remove the DQ at the end of the race)
Mandatory Pitstop: None
Refuelling Allowed: Yes
Mandatory Refuelling: No
Mandatory Tyre Change: No

Assist Rules

Max Stability Control: 50%
Autosteer: Disabled
Auto Lights: Allowed
Auto Wiper: Allowed
Auto Engine Start: Allowed
Auto Pit Limiter: Allowed
Auto Gears: Allowed
Auto Clutch: Allowed
Ideal Line: Allowed