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Written by Joe Le Corre

Round 3 of the OTL ACC GT3 Championship took the drivers to the technical Misano World Circuit in Italy, for what promised to be great racing action (and some drive-through penalties!). The circuit delivered on both of these promises and provided a mixed podium with a surprise winner.

Christopher Larson

Before I start, no Larson hasn’t paid me to put him in the biggest winners piece again, he’s just that good. Following on from his impressive performance at Suzuka. Larson didn’t just go one better, he metaphorically sent it and came away from a Misano with a shock win.

Towards the back end of the race, Larson was running in P3 behind Jeroen Moerman and Killian Ryan-Meenan, and was looking on for a very respectable finish on the third step of the podium. However, the racing gods were clearly smiling on Christopher this time round, because both Killian and Jeroen were slapped with drive-through penalties for track limit infringements. These penalties promoted Larson to P1, but to say the lead was handed to him would be wrong. Throughout the entire last part of the race, Larson in the BMW M6 was being hunted down by Mattia Brugnara in his AMG GT3, but Christopher managed to hold off Mattia. Thus securing a win that nobody expected.

Christian Campregher 

Based on the first two rounds, you wouldn’t have expected Campregher to be featured here, but he put the P22 and DNS behind him and pulled off a stellar race that saw him take the Am class win and P8 overall. Clearly Christian had found the confidence he’s been searching for this time round and looked unbeatable from start to finish. If he can keep up these amazing finishes, he could produce a proper Am class championship tilt.

Andrew Pike

I apologise for having to subject anyone who reads this to this livery, but Pike definitely deserves a spot in this piece. Like Campregher, Pike hadn’t had the best start to the series with a couple of very difficult races. However, everything fell into place at Misano and Pike was able to get his first top 10 finish in the Jag. Misano is a track that favours a bit of grunt, and that is something the Jag has plenty of, but the driving of Pike can’t be ignored. There’s a reason not many people use the Jaguar: it’s really, really difficult. A top 10 finish may not seem like a massive achievement, but it is in this series where the pace of the whole field, both Pro and Am classes, is so competitive.

Drivers Of The Race

Writer’s Choice:

This definitely wasn’t an easy decision, but my driver of the race is Christian Campregher. He played the race unbelievably well, didn’t get caught up in any incidents in the early stages, and came out with a class win. This result was a far cry from his results from rounds 1 and 2, but hopefully, this isn’t the only time we’ll see Christian fighting for the Am class victory.

Commentator’s Choice:

My pick for round 3 has to be Christopher Larson. The American kept himself in contention, and when Killian Ryan-Meenan and Jeroen Moerman both received drive-throughs Christopher was the driver to make the most of it. It’s been great to have Christopher back with us after missing season 4 after a big cross-country move, and the win was fully deserved!