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OTL’s own Brad Lane (BLMSport) raced this weekend in the BARC SE Tin Tops. Read below for his own summary of a great weekend…

The start of the weekend saw the BARC SE Tin Tops qualifying session at Brands Hatch. For round 2 of the 2018 season, once again the series would blast around the Indy Circuit. The track was dry but with rain in the skies, track officials were keen to get racing underway.

The end of qualifying saw defending champ Dan Fisher on pole in the 20 car grid, OTL’s Brad Lane pumping in a new PB lap time of a 56.642 put him 7th on the grid and P3 in the T2 class for Race 1.

Between qualifying and race 1 the rain had started, the track already holding water off the racing line and in the braking zones. Few cars opted for full wets though and the majority of the grid starting out on dry tyres.

The race got off to a clean start but Len Colley in his E30 BMW spun round at Graham Hill in front of Lane and some small contact between the two meant the front 4 pulled a 2 second gap on Lane and the rest of the pack. On lap 3 race leader Dan Fisher went wide at turn 1 and lost grip on the wet track. The car slid into the gravel at Paddock Hill and went into a violent roll before landing on its wheels. Luckily Dan jumped out with his hand up, unfortunately the same can not be said about the car. Three safety car laps later the race was resumed. Lane was now P5 and 1st in class. T3 runner Mikey Day had clawed his way through the pack and was running P4 by lap 8, lap 9 saw his engine blow up though on the straight down to Graham Hill Bend. Lane kept up with T1 runner Bob Hosier in his Seat after the safety car but couldn’t get close enough down the straights to make any move into the corners. Lap 7 saw a good attempt into Paddock from a long way back up the inside, but was held on a tight line and couldn’t get the run back up to druids. Lap 9 saw another T3 car in the form of Dominic Ryan catch the battling pair and made the most of the situation, making a move past lane for P4. Hosier pulled away and the last two laps Ryan and Lane swapped positions twice more but the chequered flag came out on lap 11 and Lane ended P5, 1st in class.

Race 2 saw more rain coming down and a very slippery track. A few more mixed tyre choices with a more even split between those on wets and those staying on dry tyres. Lane on the inside for turn 1 in P5 and ready to move up the standings.

Another clean getaway in race 2 but Lane had lost a position to Hutchins between Druids and Graham Hill Bend being passed round the outside whilst boxed in behind T3 car Ryan. Hutchins being another car in the T2 class with Lane meant that championship points were at stake between the two drivers. A hard fought battle was brewing but during lap 6  the safety car was brought out again as a car had got stuck in the gravel on the outside of Druids. Lap 9 the race was resumed for the last time and only 4 to go. Nearing the end of the race the pressure was on for Lane to make it two class wins and pass Hutchins. Only 3 laps to go and Lane was shaping up a move through Paddock and Druids. Lap 11 of 12, Hutchins tried to get by Ryan and create a buffer between the next T2 car but left a gap on the inside of Druids and Lane pounced. Final lap and Lane now all over the rear bumper of Ryan. A carbon copy of the move on Hutchins saw Lane leap up the inside on the run up to Druids again. Ryan held his own on the outside which turned to the inside at Graham Hill. Lane still not giving in holding the outside line and just edging forwards down the Cooper Straight. Lane squeezing Ryan to the inside line before Surtees but that put him on the wet line causing him to brake earlier and giving Lane the place. One corner to go but it was too late for anyone to make a lunge for position. Lane crossed the line to finish P5 again and securing two class wins. The first two of his career. 58 points to the championship and provisionally the current class leader.