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Signup: http://bit.ly/OTL-AMS2-CopaSprint-Signup
Roster: http://bit.ly/OTL-AMS2-CopaSprint-Roster

It’s fair to say now that Automobilista 2 is growing well as we move onto our third series on the platform. We will be maintaining a sprint format however we will be changing from the Mini JCWs to the Copa Montanas.

In real life they only ran for three seasons before the series became what is now known as the Stock Car Light Series, however we are bringing these exciting cars back. We will have a far more variety of tracks this season as well visiting tracks such as Montreal, Brasillia, and Imola.

If you are thinking of taking part, sign up at https://otlracing.com/discord for more information.


Join the OTL Discord: https://otlracing.com/discord


League start: Wednesday 17th March 2021 – Lasts for 6 weeks
Date/Time: Wednesdays. Starts at 8:00pm UK Time


Car: Copa Montana
Setup: Open


Qualifying: 10 minutes (Both Races)
Race 1: 10 minutes
Race 2: 20 minutes


Evaluation Race – Spielberg Short – 08/03/2021
Evaluation Race – Kyalami – 10/03/2021
Race 1 – Montreal – 17/03/2021
Race 2 – Brasillia Outer – 24/03/2021
Race 3 – Imola – 31/03/2021
Race 4 – Kansai GP – 7/04/2021
Race 5 – Curitiba Outer – 14/04/2021
Race 6 – Interlagos – 21/04/2021


Allow Auto Start Engine – Yes
Force Interior View – No
Force Driving Line Off – No
Force Default Setups – No
Force Manual Gears – No
Force Realistic Driving Aids – No
Damage Type – Off
Mechanical Failures – Yes
Allow Ghosted Vehicles – No
Force Manual Pitstops – Yes
Pit Stop Errors – No
Tyre Wear – Authentic
Fuel Depletion – Yes
Force Cooldown Lap – Yes

Rules & Penalties – On
Track Limit Penalties – On
Allowable Track Cuts – 10
Drive-Through Penalties – Off
Pit Exit Penalty – Off