OTL – ACC Endurance Race Procedure

Briefing Info

Briefing starts at 2:20pm UK Time. At least one driver from each team MUST attend the briefing voice channel promptly at 2:20pm UK Time. This is to remind and discuss important information and for any questions to be asked before we move onto the event.

After Briefing the race server will go live at 2:30pm UK Time. Drivers can then go to their own chats.

Joining Server & Disconnects

Please use the first driver in the roster when first connecting to the server. You must wait for the first member of the team to connect to the server before the rest of your teammates to connect. If you do not follow the procedure correctly you may get a duplicated car and we will unlikely restart the server unless multiple teams also have the same issue.

If your car happens to disconnect all your drivers must also leave the server. The driver that joined the server first must also be the first to reconnect to the server to get your car back with the right amount of race laps.

Track Etiquette

The usual OTL Rules apply for this event however there are some important ones that need to be noted for this event:

Stewarding & Incident Point Penalties

We will have race control throughout the race. Drivers will be able to report incidents and race control will give suitable penalties. First lap incidents will be dealt with more harshly likely resulting in drive-throughs.

If you are at fault for an incident regardless of the type of incident you will be given an incident point. If you reach a certain incident point threshold you will either receive a drive-through, stop & go or disqualification. The table below will show how many incident points you need to get an additional penalty.

Incident AmountPenalty
5Stop & Go 10s
6Disqualification from Race