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Discord: https://otlracing.com/discord
Signup: https://www.thesimgrid.com/championships/645

We are going completely Japanese themed for our next one-off special event on ACC. We will be racing Japanese cars at the one and only Suzuka the Land of the Rising Sun.

Please note that this race is on a Tuesday.

Everyone is welcome regardless of participating in an evaluation race, one-off or championship, however full OTL rules are in effect and the racing is still expected to be clean.

The race will be streamed live with commentary from Matt on the OTL Twitch channel. We hope to see new people racing with us, as well as many regulars. To get involved please join the OTL discord at https://otlracing.com/discord. The signups are limited to 90 drivers.


Signups are limited to 90 drivers. Make sure you are following us on TheSimGrid and then join our discord.


Practice – 19:00 UTC
Drivers Briefing – 20:00 UTC (5 minutes)
Qualifying – 20:05 UTC (15 minutes)
Race – 20:20 UTC (90 minutes)


There will be live stewarding throughout the race. First lap incidents will be dealt with more harshly.


Please make sure to read our OTL rules as well as the series specific rules below. The OTL rules can be found here https://otlracing.com/rules/.


Mandatory Pitstop: 1
Refuelling Allowed: Yes
Mandatory Refuelling: Yes
Fixed Refuelling Time: Yes
Mandatory Tyre Change: No
Pit Window: None


We will be using the default 2020 BoP.


It is important to notify us if you cannot attend. If you cannot attend a race you can simply click the “WITHDRAW” button in the races page of the championship on The Sim Grid website under the admin tab of the specific round. If you don’t attend a race without withdrawing you will receive penalty points that carry over in to other championships and can potentially get you DSQ from the championship.