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Written By Joe Le Corre

Season 5 of the ACC GT3 Championship came to an end at the iconic Spa-Francorchamps. The drivers wouldn’t just be fighting each other, but also the track itself. 90 minutes of hard and fast GT3 racing was the order of the day, with the best drivers duking it out to claim victory when the chequered flag drops in the Ardennes.

Christopher Larson

May as well start with the obvious choice. Larson has showed time and time again this season that he should definitely be considered one of the front runners. Spa was just another reason for this statement to be true. Starting in P3 was the ideal position for Larson to mount a challenge for the win, as the two in front squabbled on the opening laps. Overtaking Max Lienard in P1 was always going to be difficult, but the racing gods were looking down on Christopher. Lienard was slapped with a drive-through penalty for track limits and the lead was Larson’s. After 3 laps of dubious driving from Max that saw Larson being ran out of road at the entrance to Les Combes. Christopher’s patience paid off and he crossed the line after ninety minutes in P1, thus securing the runner up position in the championship.

Vitor Sousa

Spa saw Vitor get his best finish of the season (P2) and it was a well deserved P2. Sousa played his race extremely well and kept it clean all the way to the finish. The consistency he has in the Ferrari really showed at Spa, as he powered his way to the second step of the podium. Towards the end of the race, it looked like it could have been the top step, but the outright pace just wasn’t there to take first away from Larson. Everything about Sousa’s race was slick and accurate: the pitstops, the driving, the lot. Hopefully we see Sousa back next season ready to fight for wins.

Loïc Martin

Ladies and gentlemen, cats and dogs, I give you your OTL ACC GT3 Championship Amateur class champion for season 5. Loïc had the championship in the bag coming into the final round at Spa, but it was still mathematically possible for him to lose it if Martin Legg finished 10 positions ahead of him. Thankfully for Loïc, Legg failed to finish the race so all the Belgian had to do was bring it home. But this is Loïc we’re talking about, I’m not sure he understands the phrase “Bring it home”. After a race-long battle with Campregher, Loïc came across the line a solid P2 in class. More importantly, however, he came home Am class champion.

Mat Acton

I would like to apologise in advance for having to subject anyone reading this to this livery, but needs must and all that. Mat Acton has been going from strength to strength all season long, and the efforts culminated in a very strong P4 finish in the final round. Like Vitor Sousa, Spa marked Acton’s best finishing position of the season. This strong finish means that he should start the next season on the right foot and he will be using his right foot a lot next season. Spa was another classic Acton style race, as he kept his clown car lookalike out of trouble while also delivering barnstorming pace throughout the whole race. He’s got the driving nailed, now it’s time for the livery design…

Drivers Of The Race

Writer’s Choice:

This race played host to a massive amount of brilliant race from drivers up and down the field, but there was definitely one driver that stood head and shoulders above the rest. Christopher Larson put on an absolute clinic that saw him jump from P3 to P1 once all was said and done. He kept his cool when faced with some very questionable driving from others around him, which is way more than most can do. Without a doubt, my Driver Of The Race.

Commentator’s Choice:

It has to be Acton for me! It feels like he’s gotten quicker towards the end of the season, either that or cars are throwing themselves off the track around him and he’s taking advantage. I don’t think he minds either way! A great solid drive, so near to a podium but still can be very happy with fourth place.