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Written By Joe Le Corre

Now that the fifth season of the ACC GT3 Championship has come to a close, we thought it would be a good idea to hand out some awards to the most deserving and undeserving in some cases. Before we get underway, a disclaimer: No trophies are given for these awards, the OTL budget was spent on my annual haul of Pasties. Sorry…

Sportsperson Of The Season

This award isn’t about who’s the fastest, or the best overtaker. No, this award is for the driver that showed the best sportsmanship. The recipient of this award saw someone struggling to get their car to the line and pushed them to the finish. A proper act of sportsmanship. The winner of this award is: Christian Campregher

Performance Of The Season

This season saw some of the best driving this championship has ever seen, but there can only be one winner of the Performance Of The Season. The driver that has won this award put on a stellar performance in difficult conditions during the fourth round of the season at Silverstone. When this driver crossed the line in P1 his lead was a massive fifty seconds to the next best car. With out further ado, the winner of this award is: Kieran Sharp

Best Livery Of The Season

The best thing about GT3 racing is the variety of shapes that are on the grid, but it isn’t just the shapes, it’s also the liveries. We’ve seen a multitude of brilliant liveries this season, but there are definitely some that stand well above the rest. As a hint, the winner of this award was driving an AMG GT3, and the livery was designed by the insanely talented Scott Vincent. The driver who had the best livery this season, was of course: Martin Legg And His Pepsi Max Mercedes AMG GT3

Sight Of The Season

We’ve seen some brilliant sights in this season of the ACC GT3 Championship, whether it be a large grid of GT3s thunder over the mountain at Bathurst, or the sparks coming off the car as the rise through Eau Rouge and Radillion. However, the winner of this award gave the everyone a consistently odd sight. It’s very rare that a single livery gets more attention than the race winner, but the awardee managed to pull that off. To say the livery stood out from the crowd is an understatement. It brings me no joy to show this livery to you, but the winner of this award is: Andrew Pike And His Jaguar G3

Rookie Of The Season

The best thing about the OTL ACC GT3 Championship is the breadth of abilities and experience levels in the field. Like the proceeding seasons, Season 5 saw a large amount of newcomers to the championship, all with different abilities. The awardee was a rookie to this championship, but was no rookie to racing itself. With a final championship position of P3, they definitely came into the championship with a bang. Jeroen Moerman is the winner of the Rookie Of The Season award.

Am Driver Of The Season

Season 5 saw one of the most competitive Am class championship battles in the championship’s history, where a slight mistake could see a driver drop down multiple positions in the class standings. The fight between Martin Legg and Loïc Martin gave everyone all the entertainment they could ever ask for. In the end, an unfortunate disconnect during the penultimate realistically took Legg out of the hunt for the championship. Once the championship was over at Spa, it was Loïc Martin that took the championship and that’s why he’s won this award.

Driver Of The Season

Now for the big one, the Driver Of The Season. There are a multitude of drivers that deserve this award, but the winner was a driver that proved everyone wrong right from the start. Coming into the opening round, it’s safe to say nobody expected them to do as well as they have done in the whole season. The driver that has earned this award shows that in GT racing it isn’t what car you have, but what you do with it that counts. Therefore, the Driver Of The Season award goes to… Andrew Pike!

So there it is, all the awards have been handed out and the non-existent trophies have been sent to the winners. All that’s left to say is thank you for reading, and there will be plenty more content on the OTL ACC GT3 Championship when the new season gets underway in the new year!