OTL – ACC Endurance Race Procedure

Briefing & Start Time

Briefing starts at 1:30 pm GMT. At least one driver from each team MUST attend the briefing voice channel promptly at 1:30 pm GMT. This is to remind and discuss important information and for any questions to be asked before we move onto qualifying.

After Briefing the race server go live at 1:40pm GMT. Drivers can then go and use their private team chats that we have created or you can use your own (It’s recommended to use our voice chats so we can immediately speak to your team if there are any issues).

Joining the server & Disconnects

It shouldn’t always be necessary but if possible please use the first driver in the roster when first connecting to the server. Please wait for the first member of the team to connect to the server before the rest of your teammates to connect.

If your car happens to disconnect all your drivers must also leave the server. The driver that joined the server first must also be the first to reconnect to the server to get your car back with the right amount of race laps.

Race Information

In-game time: 3:00pm
Practice/ Warmup: 30 minutes
Race: 6 hours


Pre-race waiting time: 5 mins
Formation lap: Full (Position Control & UI)
Auto DQ: Off

Event Rules

Amount of Drivers Allowed per Team: Minimum of 2 drivers and Max of 3 drivers
Driver Stint Time: 65 minutes
Max Total Driving Time per Driver: 180 minutes (3 Driver Team)/ 270 minutes (2 Driver Team) – (If a driver is unable to drive due to a technical reason you must serve the in game drive through and we will also remove the DQ at the end of the race)
Mandatory Pitstop: None
Refuelling Allowed: Yes
Mandatory Refuelling: No
Mandatory Tyre Change: No

Track Etiquette

The usual OTL Rules apply for this event however there are some important ones that need to be noted for this event:


We will have race control throughout the race. Drivers will be able to report incidents and race control will give suitable penalties. First lap incidents will be dealt with more harshly.


Please check the weather on the practice servers to get an idea for what it will be like.

The server will also have some randomness to the weather to allow for various conditions.


It would be a good idea to check the roster to make sure all your team information is correct to make sure you don’t have any issues connecting to the server – http://bit.ly/otl-acc-6hrs-monza-roster