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Sunday April 28th will see the start of the OTL Abarth AC league, after a great season with the Mx5 Cup. These little pocket rockets are really easy to handle and with limited changes that can be done in the setup menu it promises to be anyone’s championship. With drivers from all levels being able to take part in this series and be competitive at the same time, the racing will be close and fierce, it will be a league not to be missed!

The league will be 8 weeks long consisting of 16 rounds. Each Sunday will see 2 Rounds at 1 venue with 2 short qualifying stints to make it more intense as drivers will only have time for 1, possibly 2 flying laps. With tracks all tested individually before being picked drivers can be sure that the track / car combo will push both to the limit to stay at the front of the pack.

Are you up to the challenge? Then sign up using the link below ⬇️


Signup Form: https://forms.gle/qwzHU6y6wpFra56HA


League Start: April 28th 2019 – League is 8 weeks long
Date/Time: Sundays 19:30 BST/20:30 CET
Platform – Xbox One – Assetto Corsa

Available cars

Abarth 500 Assetto Corse

Race Format

Practice: 35 minutes
Qualifying 1: 5 minutes
Race 1 Length: Approximately 15 mins (35 km / 22 miles)


Qualifying 2: 5 minutes
Race 2 Length: Approximately 15 mins (35 km / 22 miles)


Round 1 & 2: Brands Hatch GP – 9 laps
Round 3 & 4: Imola – 7 laps
Round 5 & 6: Mugello – 7 laps
Round 7 & 8: Valelunga Club – 20 laps
Round 9 & 10: Zandvoort – 8 laps
Round 11 & 12: Laguna Seca – 10 laps
Round 13 & 14: Magione – 14 laps
Round 15 & 16: Silverstone GP – 6 laps

Click here to view the Calendar

Lobby Settings


Time of day: TBC
Weather: TBC
Ambient temp: TBC
Track surface: Optimum


Autoclutch: On
Traction control: Factory
ABS: Factory
Stability: Off
Tyre blankets: On


Fuel rate: 100%
Damage rate: 100%
Tyre wear rate: 100%
Allowed tyres out: 3
Qualifying limit: 10%

Settings subject to change after practice test races. CaptainSlow Snr will announce if so in Discord.

All details for each event can be found on the calendar.

League Details

League coordinator/admin – CaptainSlow Snr
Driving etiquette – please be sure to read and understand the OTL rules concerning clean driving
Points system – Standard OTL system, found here.
Start procedure – Rolling start


As stated in OTL rules and incidents must be reported to the league coordinator within 48 hours of the race finish including video evidence. Then it will be investigated by the incident panel, with input from involved parties if needed, and the decision will be communicated to the parties involved.

Do not start any public arguments as this may negatively reflect on your case, potentially see you removed from the league, or if it’s deemed severe enough you will be blacklisted from all future leagues.